Centyfy is a crypto social network exclusively monetized on CENTY, a Stellar blockchain based utility crypto token. CENTY token transactions are 100% secure and virtually instant. How is Centyfy different? Centyfy users can monetize all their content and receive CENTY TIPS, rewards paid in CENTY tokens for the quality of their posts from all other users. Centyfy returns 85% of revenues to users, who can monetize their liking, sharing, viewing of ads or promotions and receive CENTY PERKS, rewards paid in CENTY tokens by the participating businesses. What does Centyfy offers? A secure desktop/mobile CENTY (Stellar) wallet. You can send or receive CENTY tokens to and from any Centyfy users. A secure desktop/mobile USD wallet. You can send or receive USD to and from any Centyfy users. You can buy and redeem CENTY tokens using USD or XLM. A free text, voice and video CentyChat service to all users. You can earn USD for referring your friends with our Affiliate System. You can share files, audio, photos, videos, live stream and you will get notifications on likes and comments of your posts. You can post, blog, create articles, forums and events. You can watch movies and play games. You can set up your own private or business page and public or private group. You can buy and sell on CentyMart, advertise your promotions on Offers and find employment on Jobs. You can mint, buy and sell CENTY tokens denominated NFTs at Centynft.com website. A free and secure Android app. A 100% guarantee that Centyfy values everybody’s privacy and will never, ever share or sell our users data!
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