What is a CENTY TIP?

A CENTY TIP is a reward users can send to other users, as a sign of appreciation for the quality of their posted content. CENTY TIPS are paid in CENTY tokens, a Stellar blockchain based cryptotoken. https://centytoken.com/

Why should I send a CENTY TIP?

A CENTY TIP is not only a sign of appreciation for a user's quality content, but most importantly, an incentive for all users to further participate in establishing Centyfy as a unique and rewarding crypto social networking platform.

How are CENTY TIPS paid?

Whenever a user sends a CENTY TIP, that amount is sent from its CENTY wallet directly to the other user's CENTY wallet.

Can I CENTY TIP any post?

Yes, you can.

Can I cancel a CENTY TIP?

No, you can't. If a CENTY TIP is sent, it cannot be canceled.


What is a CENTY PERK?

A CENTY PERK is a reward businesses can offer to Centyfy users for viewing-liking-sharing their posted ads or promotions. CENTY PERKS are paid in CENTY tokens, a Stellar blockchain based cryptotoken.

Why should my business offer a CENTY PERK?

Since CENTY PERKS are offered to all users on Centyfy’s public news feed and since CENTY PERKS are shared by users on their favorite social media OUTSIDE the Centyfy social network, we truly believe that CENTY PERKS represent a vastly superior marketing tool which empowers all businesses to directly advertise their products and services to a much higher pool of potential customers, when compared to any other forms of social media marketing. 

How do I create a CENTY PERK for my post?

  1. Create a Centyfy page for your business.
  2. Create an ad or promotion (photo, video, etc.) by clicking on the “What’s in your mind?” bar located bellow your page timeline bar, and post it.
  3. Click on the icon located on the top right corner of your post.
  4. Choose a title for your CENTY PERK under “Perk Title”.
  5. Enter a “CENTY PERK amount per user” you want to offer.
  6. Enter a “Total numbers of users to receive CENTY PERK”.
  7. Make sure that your CENTY wallet is funded with an amount of CENTY tokens at least equal to the "Total" amount listed.
  8. Verify your identity by clicking "Receive Verification code" which will be sent to your email. 
  9. Enter 6 digit verification code, click “Create Perk” and you’re done!

Your CENTY PERK is now active on that post and it will run until is finished. 

How are CENTY PERKS paid?

Whenever a user views-likes-shares a perked post, that CENTY PERK amount is sent from the user who offered the perk CENTY wallet, directly to the user who accepted the perk CENTY wallet.

How are CENTY PERKS distributed?

Centyfy distributes 85% of all CENTY PERKS revenues to all users who accept perks.

Can I create a CENTY PERK for all of my posts?

Yes, you can.

Can I cancel a CENTY PERK?

No, you can’t. A CENTY PERK must run until is finished.

What is a Perk Fee?

A Perk Fee is a percentage from the total amount of CENTY tokens perked to users which is charged by Centyfy for providing the service. In order for Centyfy to distribute 85% of all CENTY PERKS revenues to users, the Perk Fee must be 17.65%.

More questions?

E-mail us at https://centyfy.com/contacts and we will respond promptly.