As we all know, Karazhan is the first raid that WOW TBC Classic players encounter in the game. Players experiencing classic raids in Karazhan required a lengthy adjustment process. Karazhan is the most iconic, memorable, and well-designed raid in TBC, so it's a big challenge for players to experience it. Players must overcome obstacles in the Karazhan tuning process to enter the WOW TBC Gold raid.

The tuning process begins with heading to Deadwind Pass and talking to Archmage Arturus, who needs to accept and complete the quest he offers. After that, players need to travel to Dalaran Crater in the Alterac Mountains and talk to Archmage Cedric to complete the quest. Archmage Cedric will give the player a long quest chain to get a few key shards into Karazhan.

The first critical segment requires the player to travel to the Shadow Labyrinth and completely clear the dungeon. After clearing the Shadow Labyrinth, the player needs to defeat the enemy Master Vorpil, who spawned from the container. Master Vorpil drops the first key shard required to enter Karazhan. Players will need to head to Steamvaults to find the second key clip. Open another arcane container, defeat the spawned guardian, and loot the second key shard.

Players can find a third key shard in Arcatraz. To enter the instance, the player needs a flying mount to reach it, and a key to enter the instance. When the player has the two items needed to enter Arcatraz, the player can Buy TBC Classic Gold travel through the dungeon. The player will find the last Arcane Vessel, open it and defeat another Guardian. After collecting the last key fragment, return to Shattrath City.

Players need to complete the Black Marsh Dungeon within the instance, and then accept Medivh's next quest chain. After completing the Black Swamp, players need to go to Khadgar to talk to the Archmage, and after completing the quest, claim the Master's Key for themselves. After possessing this key, the player has completed the tuning process of Karazhan. In the process, players can buy a lot of cheap WOW TBC Gold from MMOWTS to boost their power.