In New World, the Rapier has relatively high range as a one-handed weapon. While most of its attacks are narrow thrusts that reward precision and practice, it uses dueling fantasy as a selling point. But it's great for PvE and PvP. Not only is this weapon extremely flexible, it's generally able to deliver consistent damage.

Rapier mainly uses agility as a scale and intelligence as a secondary attribute. The primary attribute usually makes it a secondary weapon for bow and musket users. Secondary stats often make it the first choice for pairing with magic weapons. For leveling purposes, players can combine Tondo, Flurry, and Evade. This provides New World Coins players with decent damage output and additional evasion tools.

Rapier's two trees, Blood and Grace, each have their own unique emphasis. Blood focuses on sustained damage and quick bursts or damage. Grace is very focused on being a more defensive tree, focusing more on mobility and evasion than raw damage. Tondo is the main skill that connects the trees together, and it provides a mid-range damage skill and stackable bleed.

Flourish and Finish use these bleed stacks, allowing them to detonate them for high burst damage. Flurry, on the other hand, provides a very fast attack that can be used to trigger cooldown reduction effects on weapons or other passive abilities. This tree excels in PvE, giving players the most damage options and easily outpacing some of the other melee options.

If the player envisions the Rapier as a 1v1 duel type of weapon, then the Grace Tree is a great choice. With Evade, it allows players to do low cooldown dodges and quick counterattacks without consuming stamina. Also, if players want to get more New World Coins at a lower price, then will be a good partner for players. Their products are the lowest priced.