Madden 22 comes out Mut 22 coins worldwide on Friday, August 20th. However, if you pre-order Madden 22, you'll be able to enjoy the game three days prior to the 17th of August, on Tuesday. The pre-order process not only gives you access to the game earlier game, but also many additional features. This is explained below.

Madden 22 is available in three variations: Standard, MVP, and Dynasty. Each edition is upgraded and comes with extra benefits, which is why they are more expensive. Below, we'll show you precisely what each edition comes with (pre-order only).

You can purchase the Standard Edition if you do not play Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). The upgraded editions give franchise bonuses, but only MUT players will benefit from them.

When fans reached the breaking point last year because of the absence of updates to franchise mode, EA Sports finally listened and implemented some changes. EA Sports promises to provide "more complete staff management tools and progression of skill trees and a comprehensive weekly strategy that fits into your Madden 22 gameplan." EA Sports also promises "live service updates," meaning franchise mode will be upgraded throughout the year. They've already got one planned to release in September and include an update for the player scouting feature.

Madden 21's Yard introduced the Yard in the past year, and it will return in the coming year with some updates. The version this year will include new locations and an updated ranked mode.

The Face of the Franchise

EA Sports has enhanced cheap mut coins what was previously called Superstar Mode into Face of the Franchise. While I was not thrilled with Madden 21's face of the franchise's performance, EA Sports promised "more customization" in this year's version. This is likely to help make it better.