Well, no. The trouble turned into Rocket League Items that Psyonix absolutely not noted the in-game marketplace for such objects and priced blueprints way above marketplace fee. A single rare object may want to value upwards of $20, even though the marketplace would promote that identical object for $2 not some days before the patch.

It additionally simply appeared like a bad deal: $20 used to get you 20 random rolls for 20 objects. Spending that $20 on a unmarried object--even if it become an object you without a doubt wanted--regarded liked a horrific deal.

Naturally, Rocket League gamers went into complete riot and accused Psyonix (and their Epic overlords) of trying to gouge their players. Social media have become flooded with irritated tweets and posts from gamers calling on lolga.com anybody to boycott the new blueprint system and just now not spend any cash.