Client journey with law firms start with leads showing interests in legal services offered. The inquiry details can be collected from multiple channels like website, walk ins, social media, or reference. Prospects enter their information in law firm intake forms  which gets routed to the lawyer specialized in the practice area.  Legal technology must guide clients and users on the actions to be performed. Tasks are created, with wizard assistance to complete these milestones. Quotations, fee proposal letters and initial consulting can be scheduled, so clients are always engaged.

Client Onboarding
PageLightPrime Law firm software can make onboarding experience easier for the clients and law firms. Law firm CRM software can serve clients from initial contact through client matter conversion process.

1.       Schedule meetings online and send reminders for decreasing no shows.

2.       Send right message to the leads through law firm email drip campaigns.

3.       Collect digital signature through DocuSign integration without the need to send emails.

4.       Extend law firm intake forms to collect client details and additional supporting documents.

5.       Client portal for obtaining matter status and sharing documents.

6.       Always keep client informed on the next steps by built in email templates.

7.       Ethically provide clients with options on alternatives available like dispute resolution.

8.       When prospects become paying clients, matter is created with responsible attorney.  Inform the client about the matter point of contact and to set the expectations.

9.       In matter lifecycle, clients must be updated on the progress and contacted to obtain instructions.

Privacy Compliance
Law firms must comply with regulatory requirements when collecting and validating person information like ID, proof of funds, and biometric details. Documents must be saved securely to comply with GDPR or PDPA requirements. Law associations and state bar have recommendations on digital client onboarding experience.