ISO 17025 certification in Singapore fulfils the general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. ISO 17025 standard is designed and published by the international organization for standardization along with the association of international electro technical commission. The organization where the implementation of the ISO 17025 standard takes place will prove the testing and calibration results to be precisely accurate. The principles that are established with the help of the ISO 17025 standard in the organization will also help the company to produce more valid results.

The establishment of the ISO 17025 standard in the organization particularly in the laboratories will control all the activities to obtain the result accurately. The requirements of ISO 17025 certification are divided into general requirements, structural requirements, resource requirements, process requirements, and management requirements.


If you are certified by ISO 17025 consultant services act as one of the recognition for the competence in testing for your Laboratories.

We know all the ISO standards as a marketing tool to enhance your performances and also the activities carried out in your organization similarity in ISO 17025 Certification is one of the useful marketing tools which helps to showcase organizations image that it is following all the requirements Defined by the standard, and it gives effective result in both testing and calibration fields. In case of legal implications, ISO 17025 consulting services protect the Data integrity of the laboratory. The quality and effectiveness of the data are continually improved.ISO 17025 consultancies in the act as one of the fundamentals management systems good manufacturing practices and good laboratory practices.


  • A platform to penetrate international markets.
  • Boosts other supporting standards such as (Good Laboratory Practice) GMP and Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Improves the image of your laboratory.
  • Interested parties and stakeholders.
  • Laboratories have to be incorporated into the overall system for technical and management requirements.
  • Legal implications.
  • Management system documentation Control of Records, Corrective Actions, Internal Audit and Management Review.
  • Marketing tool Like other ISO standards, this is an effective marketing tool in complex and competitive market spaces.
  • Measures Quality and Capability – Testing and Competence of your facility.
  • Process Requirements Reviews, Selection, Verifications, Validation of methods, Sampling, Technical records.
  • Providing a quality system by which you operate is essential for creating a trusted reputation with your customers.
  • Resource management – General, Personnel, Facilities, and Environments condition and Equipment

How to get ISO 17025 certified


  • We will send you a proposal and project plan covering all the phases of implementation, training, consulting, and certification.
  • We conduct a gap analysis to identify the current level of your organization and where you stand concerning ISO 17025 standard requirements.
  • We provide awareness training to various employees in your organization on ISO 17025 standards, various clauses of the ISO 17025 standard, implementation requirements of the ISO 17025 standard, and documentation concerning ISO 17025.
  • We work with your team to design and finalize documentation covering manuals, standard operating procedures, forms, templates, checklists, etc.
  • concerning the ISO 17025 standard.
  • We provide implementation assistance to your team for implementation of all the requirements of the ISO 17025 standard and as per documentation prepared.
  • We provide internal auditor training to your team on ISO 17025.
  • We assist your team in carrying out an ISO 17025 internal auditor if required, our consultant can perform an internal audit on your behalf.
  • We finalize with the ISO 17025 certification body as per your preference and finalize the date for ISO 17025 audit from the certification body.
  • We provide any assistance during the audit to ensure successful completion of the ISO 17025 certification audit and that your organization receives a recommendation letter from the certification body.