At the point when you wish to change the date and objective both:

Assume you had booked travel before Walk 3, 2020, which was initially planned to start before February 28, 2021. Or then again you have booked from Walk 3, 2020, for movement before August 31, 2022. All things considered, you want to follow the British airways change my flight date process.

Moreover, you additionally need to finish the internet-based voucher structure to change your objective and date. BA will drop their setting up for their sake and email you a voucher comparable with the worth of your booking, substantial until September 30, 2023. Moreover, Vouchers can be utilized as installments or fractional installments for future appointments.

Additionally, the new excursions you book with the voucher should be completely finished (flight and return) by September 30, 2023. You will accept your voucher by means of email somewhere around seven days after your application.


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