The oil leakage of the reducer mainly occurs in the output shaft of Kaolin Milling Equipment, the part where the gear reducer and the motor are connected, usually due to overload or the reducer does not operate for a long time, resulting in seal failure. 

In order to prevent the reducer from continuing to leak oil, the two-part oil seal can be replaced. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the reducer and lubricating oil meet the requirements, whether the oil level is too high, and whether the exhaust hole is smooth. 

If no other abnormalities are found, the lubricating oil can be replaced normally. The temperature of the motor and reducer is too high, which may be caused by the inflexible rotation of the scraper mechanism or oil leakage. 

You can check according to the above operations. If there is a problem with the internal structure of the motor or reducer, you can ask professional technicians to repair it.