Boxkenworth heater

If you've been around long enough, you'll know that weather doesn't come with an easy button. Simply put, we must adapt and survive to tackle each extreme the climate present in the world today. However, one thing we can all do is make use of some tools to help us through these difficult times. One such tool is a Boxkenworth heater.

Boxkenworth heaters are compact, high-efficiency, propane-fueled radiant, forced air space heaters that plug into a standard 120-volt outlet. Now, there are some different models available and each one is unique in its own way. The differences normally come down to the space size and specific temperature control requirements for the installation.

The Boxkenworth heater can operate at a maximum of 64,000 BTU/hr when used at the maximum setting. The heater has an automatic thermostat that can sense sudden changes in room temperature to automatically turn itself on or off as needed. A blower is connected to the heater which helps circulate hot air throughout the area where it is being used. visit here =