American and Metric O-RINGS in a wide scope of materials and sizes, Size Range From: 1/32″ to 26″ I.D. O-Rings and Industrial O-Rings Accessories: Measuring Cone and Tape, Sizing Charts, Lubricants, Picks. O-Ring materials include: Nitrile, Buna-N, Viton® , FKM , Aflas®, Silicone, PTFE, shaped PTFE o-rings, FEP embodied FKM, EPDM, Neoprene, Silicone o-ring, 4 Lobe Q-Rings, E.P.R, Kalrez.


O-rings are the most widely recognized strategy for making a seal. From profound water applications to the space transport, O-rings can be discovered high and low. O-rings seal fluids and gases well. Accordingly they are utilized in each modern plant, auto, planes, paint weapons, oxygen tanks, military tanks, and a couple of teens wrists.

There are various sorts of O-rings accessible on the lookout, which are made with a wide scope of materials. Every material has its own arrangement of upsides and downsides.

Picking the right material generally relies upon the application the things that should be considered are: Size, temperature, application, media, pressing factor and speed (if the application is dynamic). The measure of pressing factor an O-ring can keep up with relies upon how it is mounted. The best technique for containing an O-ring is to have a notch with the fitting profundity for the O-ring to encompass it on 3 sides. A contradicting rib or tongue fit as a fiddle frequently supplies the fourth side.

A basic gadget like an o-ring can represent the deciding moment your fixing endeavors. O-rings are the most well-known strategy for forestalling a break. Settling on the right decision in materials basic. It has the effect between an o-ring that goes undetected on the grounds that it works, or one that makes the news at 11:00. Buna O-Rings

O-rings simplified

Seeing how an o-ring functions is straightforward, it's anything but a break way. What should be considered is what befalls that o-ring while it is in assistance. Does it see development? Does it get presented to acids or caustics? You should not just consider what the o-rings sees in while in everyday assistance yet additionally what it finds in routine support activities, for example, framework flushing.

O-Rings for heat

Is the o-ring going to see temperatures, low or high? Or then again is that o-ring going to see a scope of temperatures? NASA experience a cataclysmic disappointment in Challenger. Crumbling of the van stack started after an O-ring seal in its right strong rocket sponsor (SRB) fizzled at takeoff. The O-ring disappointment caused a penetrate in the SRB joint it's anything but, a flare of compressed hot gas from inside the strong rocket engine to come to the outside and encroach upon the neighboring SRB connection equipment and outer gas tank. The SRB penetrate flare prompted the detachment of the right-hand SRB's toward the back connection and the primary disappointment of the outside tank, unloading the fluid hydrogen fuel load at the same time and causing an enormous blast as this fuel was quickly touched off by different present fire sources. While it's improbable you are thinking about an application as basic as this the expected spillage of numerous gases, and synthetic substances can be comparably dangerous. The dependable guideline in o-rings is: if there is any potential for temperature or pressing factor journey, consistently plan for the most dire outcome imaginable.

We're discovering better approaches to seal o-ring issue applications. Particular fixing items like Viton® Aflas® Encapsulated FEP, EPDM, Nitrile, Buna-N, PTFE, Grafoil® adaptable graphite, FKM, Ameri-lon®, Kalrez®, Chemrez®, PFA exemplified o-rings and others help us in giving answers for your seal issues.

On the off chance that you have an application that takes more than conventional arrangements, let our group of o-ring experts help.

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