Top 10 ERP Myths

ERP is a Business Management Software used by organizations to establish a streamlined process flow. It is integrated with all the departments providing a clear view on all business activities under a single screen. ERP software system simplifies the complex business structure ensuring smooth running of any businesses. There are various benefits an ERP could provide. On the other side there are many myths and stories circling around the industrial people. This prevents them from upgrading their system to the next level. Let’s see some of the common ERP myths and explanations behind them.

Common ERP Myths

  1. ERP is too expensive : One thing the business people must understand is that not every business follows the same processes. Each industry and even each organization is very unique in their way. Hence their requirements also vary. Depending upon the size of the industry the need for ERP modules also varies. For example, a trading business where buying and selling of the products occurs, the process involved is less compared to a complex manufacturing industry. The recent upgrade in technologies could offer you affordable software with cloud and mobile platforms as well. 
  2. ERP is only for Large Scale Industries : As already said ERP is a business management software, irrespective of a company’s size, the main aspect we use ERP is for smooth running of the business. It is important for you as a business owner to know the complete activities being held in your organization. This can be served with an ERP software. Thus not only for large industries but even small scale industries would require an ERP for its optimization and growth.
  3. All ERP is the Same : Each industry follows its own processing method. Not all companies are manufacturing the same product. Hence there are several industry specific ERP available in the market tailored particularly for each kind of product manufacturing. So it is your duty to opt for the best chosen software that can bring remarkable growth.
  4. ERP Software takes too much time to Implement : The Software implementation is done for you by the ERP providers. The training is given to each employee at their department level. But the amount of time it consumes depends on how well you have your own data. A complete details on your business process should be ready with documents before you go for implementation. Once you are simplified with the data then it is easier for the vendors to bring it into the software. 
  5. You can see the results immediately : Obviously this one will be the most heard ERP mythsWith ERP Software, you are moving into a new system that will streamline your process. This of course takes time to get adapted to the new routine. Once you start working on it, you will be able to find where you lag, which activity consumes more time, how well the inventory is controlled and where more money is spent. Definitely this is going to take time as you proceed and makes you optimize further. Hence you can see visible results in the long run. 
  6. ERP is too difficult to learn : ERP is nothing but a software representation of all the work process that’s been done in an organization. It is designed by any industrial person who is well versed on the process flow and desperate on simplifying the work further. Hence it will be easier for the people who are already expert in their own business process flow.
  7. Customization is not Required : Hope you are already clear about the ERP softwares and well aware that each industry is unique. Hence customizing a ERP Software eliminated all other unwanted modules or features for that particular industry. This has benefits in 2 aspects, one, it saves you the software package cost, second, employees easily adapt to their existing process flow.
  8. Used only to attract customers : There are N number of benefits an organization can enjoy. One of the advantages is it helps customer retention by continuously being able to meet market demands. Hence it is not only the one reason you could use ERP. 
  9. Maintenance and upgrading not required : The technology is kept on upgrading to meet the standards and demands created by users. Hence it is important always to be upgraded with recent trends and features. This will support you to survive in the competition.
  10. Vendor Support not needed : Without the support of vendors, it is difficult for you to implement the software, learn the software and solve issues with the software. The after support ensures you do not face any problem or lose any data.



  Do not blindly rely upon all those myths on ERP Software. For any clarification you can directly contact the vendors for complete details. We could understand your business process, collect all your requirements and make you choose the right decision.