The long-awaited MMORPG New World has finally been released, and players can join the game as they wish for a mix of combat, exploration, and adventure. The games in New World are very competitive, and any small problems can cause you to lose frequently, so when players choose to join the game, there are some problems to pay attention to.

When players join the New World, Hemp is rarely a priority. This plant is easily overlooked, but for many players, it is an alternative way of life. While New World Coins farming herbs provides more experience points and is also very important for crafting utility, Hemp will have more uses.

Therefore, you need to think about starting to collect them from the beginning, but because Hemp grows in a relatively remote location, many players easily miss New World Coins Buy them from the beginning.

And since each character has basic smelting and smithing skills from the start, making it easy for them to craft the tools they need to get meat, herbs, and fish, few players realize that when their skills reach At a certain level, their basic crafting tools can be upgraded. And this is related to the Tier Level system that pops up everywhere, so many people don't know the benefits of upgrading until later.

For example, the iron harvesting sickle is the first harvesting tool most players have. While characters can use it permanently, it is only Tier 2, the lowest level. And when players upgrade them to Tier 3 made of steel, they'll gain faster harvesting abilities. So it's well worth the player's time and resources to upgrade them.

In addition, players need to accumulate New World Coins all the time when playing the game, which is also a very important thing, especially for the rapid upgrade of characters. However, as the level increases, the number of New World Coins required will increase, and the methods obtained in the game will not be able to meet the daily needs of players. This is, NewWorldCoins will start to play its role, it is a professional website selling New World Coins, providing every player with the New World Coins they need to quickly solve their urgent needs.