Amazon Game Studio is preparing to add a new feature to improve the endgame content of New World, mainly because some players have begun to complain about the lack of endgame content in the game. They said that the current game storyline is not rich enough, and some New World Gold are not intense enough.

Expedition Mutators is the upcoming game mode of New World, designed for endgame content. This new feature will change the combat encounter and difficulty of certain missions to avoid the feeling of repetition. In addition, as full-level players face higher difficulty, they will receive the corresponding New World Gold.

Expedition Mutators will also have ten different levels of difficulty in each mission. The dynamics of the game mode will work like a typical RPG dungeon, where players can play different levels. Each difficulty will have a different set of rewards suitable for each difficulty level. Not to mention, all tasks and rewards in Expedition Mutators change every week. This will definitely give full-level players more opportunities to Buy New World Coins, so that fans will continue to love developers.

If some players are curious about how Expedition Mutators work, they can play on New World Public Test Realm. All players in the test domain will have 600 equipment points to load. Therefore, before trying Expedition Mutators, players don't have to worry about training in New World PTR, all players are eligible to download and play in the test area.