Garage Flooring Atlanta story started in 2010. I ended up working for my dad's escort organization as a youthful undergrad. During my residency, I found out with regards to the genuine business activities and spotlight on greatness. My dad showed me a great deal while working with him and the one thing that has stayed with me was respectability. He ingrained in me that uprightness ought to never be compromised and that through life, trustworthiness characterizes the personality of any individual or business.

In 2016, in the wake of graduating school, I chose to zero in on my enthusiasm and open Khays Services later the family name. We are an engaged organization that spends significant time in carport flooring, substantial cleaning, office support and janitorial administrations. Our staff is a gathering of experts that is enthusiastic, committed, and prepared to perform different positions from cleaning to remodels, just as cleaned substantial reclamation.

In the course of recent years, we have set up extraordinary organizations with various organizations like Whole Foods Market, Mercedes Benz Stadium, and the United States Military bases while zeroing in on the honesty of our work that is positive. Today, Khays Services keeps up with north of 1 million square feet daily with a proceeded with center around development and association.

Our Garage floors Atlanta Services

Garage Flooring

Do you need a more sturdy carport flooring Atlanta? A top notch carport floor covering is vital whether you are looking for an answer for your private carport or your modern studio astonishing carport floors.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is the new practical serious shine finish floors moving among significant retailers, it offers a low support choice with high solidness and long life expectancy. Adding stains and color, cleaned concrete is totally adjustable to accommodate your business climate. By picking the appropriate installer, cleaned cement may the best deck answer for some organizations, from modern to a little family café business flooring.

Epoxy Flooring

Totally change your space with our support free floor coatings, accessible in an assortment of tones and surfaces. Garage floor coating atlanta offers a slip safe, synthetic safe and simple to-clean to fit in any climate.

Grind and Seal

To ensure your substantial floors and improve their properties, while saving the normal look of the substantial, drudgery and seal is the best approach. Our substantial fixing technique has a comparative hope to cleaned concrete, however rather than the substantial being cleaned until it sparkles, toil and seal brings more hazier, more extravagant look to your substantial.