Compared with the contemporary WoW retail version, the entry-level difficulty of Classic WoW requires players to work together in the open world, arenas and heroic dungeons. If the player wants to unlock the hero Auchindoun in the WOW Classic TBC Gold game, then the following guide will be able to help the player. Deep in the Auchenai Crypt, there is a huge tomb named Auchindoun. This "City of the Undead" is located in the Bone Wasteland of Terokkar Forest in Outland.

In this dungeon, the team will fight rats, crows, snakes, skeletons, demon guards and ethereal spirits. According to the legend of World of Warcraft, Auchindoun was once a holy place for the draenei and their burial customs, but recently, the holy place has been occupied by the Shadow Council. These council members studied the dark magic that caused the huge explosion, causing a rift in the Nether.

To venture to this TBC Classic Gold place on heroic difficulty and fight the enemies in Auchindoun’s four wings, players need to complete the reputation grinding. This means that players need to complete missions and kill enemies for a faction, and increase the reputation of the corresponding faction. Individuals need to get honor to unlock all the wings. Once players have achieved Revered reputation through quests and common instances, they can purchase Auchenai keys.

In WOW TBC, players should try to complete as many tasks as possible in the Terokkar Forest. This will reward a lot of reputation. When the player can purchase the Auchenai key, the player should immediately go to the NPC "Nakodu" located in Shattrath City and obtain the key from the quartermaster in the lower city. If all members of the team want to enter Auchindoun’s hero mode, they must all have Auchenai keys.

WOW TBC Classic has a variety of unique fun and pain points in equipping characters, but if higher-level loot starts to fall from hero mode and arena vendors, it will take a long time for players to reach the end. By the way, MMOWTS is holding a WOW TBC Gold promotion. Welcome to visit and purchase!