Void ore, similar to fae iron in buy NW gold, is a rare drop from a common mining deposit that is difficult to come by. There are a few things that players should keep in mind when searching for this extremely rare resource, however. Players in search of void ore can benefit greatly from planning ahead of time.




One of the most important things for players to remember is that void ore is obtained through the mining of orichalcum veins. Most of NW coins is covered with these deposits, though a particularly dense concentration of veins can be found on the islands west of Ebonscale Reach and northeast of Mountainhome. The mining levels of players must be 175 or higher in order to collect void ore.

Because void ore is such a rare drop, players will want to increase their mining luck as much as they can to increase their chances of finding it. This boost can be aided by certain food items in new world coins for sale, though they do not stack with one another.

The ingredients for this dish are one potato, one stick of butter, and a peppercorn, all of which can be found at your local grocery store. It increases mining luck by 1000 points for a period of 20 minutes after being used.

Spice-Roasted Potatoes: This dish requires one potato, one honey, one butter, and one cinnamon to be made from scratch. For 25 minutes, it increases mining luck by 1400 points, which is a significant boost.

Another option available to players is the purchase of void ore from a trading post. Nonetheless, due to the item's scarcity, the price is likely to be prohibitively expensive. Following the discovery of the ore, it is up to the players to become master blacksmiths.

Exactly What Can Void Ore Be Used For in the Cheap NW gold

There are a few ways for players who have reached the level of 60 to improve their gear score. Following the questline for the legendary weapon, for example, will accomplish this. That quest, on the other hand, isn't available until the very end of the game. Before then, players can use void ore to build up their armor to a respectable level. Crafting is one of the most important mechanics in New World, and void ore can be used to create legendary Voidbent armor, which is a rare type of armor.

In order to make armor out of void ore, players will need to refine their ore into voidbent ingot. This will necessitate the use of a tier-three smelter, one void ore, one void essence, and ten energy cores in order to complete. There is voidbent armor for every primary gear slot, and players will need one voidbent ingot for each piece of voidbent armor they want to craft. The remaining ingredients are determined by the type of gear that the player is attempting to create. The following are the pieces included in the voidbent set, as well as their respective crafting recipes:

Asmodeum, 4 Runic Leather, 4 Phoenixweave, 4 Tolvium, 2 Cinnabar, 2 Infused Fur, 1 Voidbent Ingot are used in the construction of the Voidbent Helm.

Asmodeum, 8 Runic Leather, 7 Phoenixweave, 4 Tolvium, 2 Cinnabar, 2 Infused Fur, 1 Voidbent Ingot are used in the construction of the Voidbent Breastplate.

Asmodeum Gauntlets: 6 Asmodeum, 4 Tolvium, 2 Runic Leather, 2 Cinnabar, 2 Infused Fur, 1 Phoenixweave, 1 Voidbent Ingot, 6 Asmodeum Gauntlets

To make the Voidbent Legguards, the following materials were used: 12 Asmodeum; 4 Runic Leather; 4 Tolvium; 2 Phoenixweave; 2 Cinnabar; 2 Infused Fur; 1 Voidbent Ingot.

Six Asmodeum, four Tolvium, two Runic Leather, two Cinnabar, two Infused Fur, one Phoenixweave, and one Voidbent Ingot make up the Voidbent Sabatons.

In order for void ore to be useful to New World players, they will need to level up their characters as well as their mining and blacksmithing trades as quickly as possible.