Recently, EA Sports added level 85 players Moments Kazuyoshi Miura and level 87 Shunsuke Nakamura from Yokohama FC to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team in Moments Duo SBC. This is their first special card in the cycle. Each SBC will reward FIFA players and related players, and players who complete these two tasks will receive an additional golden electronic FIFA 22 Coins player package.

Player Moments Miura Kazuyoshi Miura aims to celebrate his becoming the oldest scorer of 2017 at the age of 50. Player Moments Shunsuke Nakamura emphasized his wonderful goals against Manchester United in the UCL 2006-2007 season. Players can apply the Hunter Chemistry style to Player Moments Miura to further improve his forward skills. This will also maximize his positioning, termination and interception data.

For Nakamura, it is best to use the engine chemistry style, because it will make him a more balanced and strong player, leaving only his defense low by 46 points. The price of Moments Duo SBC on PlayStation is approximately 79,000 FUT Coins. However, if the player only wants Player Moments Miura, he needs 29,000 to 35,300 FUT Coins to get his card.

Player Moments Nakamura costs approximately 49,750 to 55,500 FUT Coins. It is worth noting that players must Buy FUT 22 Coins hand over two different teams, Kazuyoshi Miura and Shunsuke Nakamura, to complete Moments Duo SBC. The Kazuyoshi Miura team must be a level 83 team with at least 75 chemical reactions.

Shunsuke Nakamura needs a level 84 team with a minimum of 70 chemical reactions. Players can complete the Moments Duo SBC before December 8, which is currently the cheapest solution to complete this SBC. In addition, if players lack FUT 22 Coins in the game, they can ask UTnice for help at any time, and their online customer service will respond to all your questions in the shortest possible time.