Entrepreneurship helps economies grow. Also, it brings freedom of choice. They can develop any venture idea and turn it into a successful business easily these days. The Seedspotnext.org project aims to help high-school students develop entrepreneurship skills. We strive to make training accessible for every learner. Therefore, our team of entrepreneurs, innovators, and educators get no profits from the SeedSpotNext program. The fee applied covers operational costs only. Consequently, our learning program is very accessible for high-school students. Also, there are no restrictions and limits to the schools we work with. Any school can teach students to become problem-solvers using our program.

Even though the Seed high school program is quite flexible, it's designed for a full-year education. It implies 24 modules that help high school students learn how to work for themselves, create and manage a company, and solve problems. The SeedSpot is focused on problem-solving. We help learners identify a particular issue, which has to be real for hands-on learning. At the next stage, they form a team and come up with the best solution. We guide them on creating a business plan, making a professional pitch, getting funding, and launching a successful company.