Recently, EA Sports added the 86-level Flashback version of Karim Benzema from Real Madrid to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Players can get this item through the squad-building challenge (SBC) menu in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. SBC will be available by Friday, December 3.

This is Benzema's second special card in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team cycle. To celebrate his first season with Real Madrid in the 2009-2010 season of La Liga, he received this Flashback version. Although Benzema's overall rating is lower than his gold version, compared with his 89 gold version card, EA has improved his overall strength and made his skills more balanced.

This Flashback Benzema is a very balanced card. It costs about 97,600  FIFA 22 Coins on PlayStation, 100,400 on Xbox, and 89,150 on PC. Although this card cannot be traded and players can get a higher-rated version of him at a cheaper price in the market, the fact that it is a Flashback version makes it more interesting than gold items.

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If the player wants to complete the Flashback Morata SBC, the player must hand over two different teams, Real Madrid and La Liga. The first team needs 83 points, at least 75 chemistry, at least one rare card, and a player from Real Madrid. The second solution requires 85 points, at least 70 chemical reactions, at least one TOTW card and one player from La Liga.

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