As we all know, Tahith Chong Squad Foundations SBC has officially joined the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. But many players don't know how to get an 88 midfielder. If players are interested in this, players can continue to read the following guide to learn more.

The Squad Foundations card can be used to Buy FUT 22 Coins build a strong team based on a specific league, and Birmingham players look like a premium addition to teams with Dutch or champion players. This new SBC is part of a series of team building challenges currently underway by the Squad Foundation, which will be added throughout the season.

There are already many SBC personal league incentives in the game, including the Bundesliga and the Premier League. This is all the information players need to know about the Tahith Chong SBC in FIFA 22, including how many coins are needed to complete the SBC from scratch.

The FIFA 22 Coins player will need approximately 90,000 coins to complete the SBC mission from scratch, which is a good payout for the player. However, if the player has a considerable number of feed cards in the roster, then this price will drop exponentially and the SBC will be easy to complete. Chong SBC is arguably one of the best single mission challenges in FIFA 22, and it is definitely worth completing to get this excellent card.

Up to now, users on FUTBIN have a positive attitude towards the new SBC, with a support rate of about 85%. If the player has a team from the Netherlands, then Chong is easy to get a chemical reaction, although if the player has this tendency, a championship team is also very suitable for this excellent team base card. In addition, players can purchase a large amount of FIFA 22 Coins from UTnice to increase their advantage.