Elder Scrolls Online’s inventory management has always been problematic, and since it is one of the key features of the game, every player cannot ignore it. Players face these problems while collecting ESO Gold in the game, which is really a headache.

The inventory bar summoned by the hotkey will appear on the right side of the screen and list the player's current item collection. Unlike the series specification, the item has no weight, but occupies a slot, but things such as Elder Scrolls Online's crafting materials can be stacked. Instead of the backlog mechanism, if the player's inventory is full, the player will not be able to Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold, making exploration less interesting.

Hard inventory restrictions actually caused the first problem with the new inventory system. When the player starts, there are 60 inventory slots and 60 storage slots in the game bank. Those who like to explore may fill these slots quickly. It is possible to increase inventory space, but players must purchase increasingly expensive packages to do so. You can also choose to buy a horse or join a guild, but this still involves an investment that may irritate players who lack ESO Gold.

Several failures in the inventory system that appeared during the history of the game were of no avail. These include items that do not disappear from inventory after they are sold, inventory becomes unrollable, and accidentally selling ESO Gold in stores. Failures that prevent players from scrolling can also affect the crafting package, which is especially disappointing considering that the crafting package is obtained through the purchase of the Elder Scrolls Online ESO Plus subscription.