In any FIFA game, FUT Coins are an integral part of the Ultimate Team experience. In FIFA 22, fans can use many of the same strategies as previous entries to earn coins. Unlike FIFA points, gold coins can only be earned in the game, and a small amount of gold coins will be issued every game.

Pay attention to the increase in gold coins obtained through season progress and milestones, which will increase the number of gold coins obtained from the event in a short period of time. You can Buy FIFA 22 Coins fight in a squad within 7 days, and any game played will provide points. Earn enough points and provide different reward levels, including gold coins and gift packs. Give priority to tradable packages, because any player you don’t want can flip on the market.

Next is the team building challenge, which involves arranging different players into a team based on requirements. The mixed league and mixed national team building challenges are particularly good, because they will reward a rare super pack after completion. In addition to receiving some great cards, you can flip these cards in the market to get coins.

Trading in the market is probably the most reliable way to earn coins. When selling expendable cards, whether from your inventory or by flipping them, you can provide a good stable income. You also need to pick cards that have a high OVR rating and do not meet the metadata. They will be very cheap, and once the new team building challenge goes live, you can sell them when the price goes up.

Make sure not to waste your  FIFA 22 Coins on the card holder. Just play the game and complete the goals, and you will get enough of them. The gold package is particularly useless, because the probability of profit is very low relative to cost. FIFA points can be used to purchase card packs, but these card packs cost real money. If you want to get a lot of FUT 22 Coins more easily, UTnice is the best choice. They make it easy for you to get FIFA 22 Coins without spending too much money.