The Healing Tree and the Protector Tree are two Skill Trees of the Life Staff. Although healing is a common feature of these two trees, the skills and mechanisms they provide are completely different. The Healing Tree has a very powerful healing effect, but its casting speed is relatively slow. The Protector Tree is to heal over time and also provide additional buffs.

It can be said that Life Staff is one of the most useful and flexible weapons in single player PvP. Because it is Buy New World Coins too good in some aspects, it is a good choice to use it. It can be a good auxiliary tool for Tank, and can heal itself more effectively in PvE and PvP battles. It is generally used as a support tool, and in rare cases will be used as a destruction tool.

The skill combination of Sacred Ground and Beacon is indispensable, it can be applied in almost every scene. Although they will heal over time, you can't ignore that they can become your two most powerful group healing abilities. The last ability is Orb of Protection for Solo, or Splash of Light for groups.

The Life Staff scales with Focus, which is different from other Magic Weapons. So there is no really outstanding pairing. However, if you want to New World Coins pair it with other weapons, you can use an Amber Gem. The Sword and Shield is a very good choice, it can provide you with a strong defense capabilities, and most other melee can be a reliable choice for causing damage.

As a magic weapon, The Life Staff is a very good auxiliary tool, so you also need to match a weapon with main damage skills. However, the upgrade of each weapon requires a large amount of New World Coins, which leads to the lack of New World Coins for players. And Newworldcoins knows the needs of players well, and there are a lot of New World Coins for players, so act quickly and buy.