FIFA 22 Twitch Challenge is the first FIFA 22 tournament approved by EA, and it will use the 2v2 format. This challenge is jointly organized by EA Sports and Adidas for professional players and e-sports stars. In this game, professional players will compete with some celebrities in professional football.

This FUT 22 Coins event will also launch a FIFA 22 ratings reward program, including exclusive in-game items such as the Adidas 99 kit. Therefore, the audience of this event will be the first batch of winners of exclusive in-game rewards this year. In addition, EA will cooperate with Adidas during the live broadcast to announce the new FIFA Ultimate Team content update.

To receive any FIFA Global Series 2022 rewards, all viewers must have Twitch and EA accounts. After creating a Twitch account, viewers must link their EA and Twitch accounts together. After that, all players need to do is watch the FIFA 22 Challenge and redeem player rewards on Twitch. Spectators can also get more rewards by watching other FGS events throughout the season.

In addition, FGS exchange tokens will also return this season. The more tokens the audience exchanges, the better the reward they will receive. Spectators can use some FIFA Ultimate Team packages to upgrade their teams. All FGS events this season, including the FIFA 22 Challenge, will receive no less than five awards. In addition to player tokens, rewards include jerseys, trophies, badges, stadium uniforms and FGS balls.

The FIFA 22 Twitch Challenge will be held in a 2v2 format, and Adidas and EA will form their respective teams. Each group is divided into four groups, and the two groups will participate in a series of knockout competitions. If players want to get better performance in the game, players who often have a lot of FIFA 22 Coins will get a greater advantage. As a professional seller, will make it easier for players to experience the fun of the game.