Clan avatars. There's a lot of work to be done for RuneScape Gold little return. Not too much. Battlefields. They are amazing technology, but do they ever get utilized? Clan Wars or Wilderness is the place people go to fight. Battlefields are more likely to be one-sided, rather than just bizarre.

In addition to the fact that aside the xp boost the clan citadel will do nothing for you in the game of runescape itself. The clan cape is adorned with three stars and the vexillum has fireworks. Is that really all? Your citadel is never ever visited by anyone other than members of your clan.

My clan does not push to reach tier 7, despite us casually enjoying the extra xp. Sal's Realm is the official clan. What is it that you love about the clan citadels? Do you find them enjoyable? If not, what is the reason? I would love to have an interesting discussion about Clan Citadel's update that was released more than a decade long ago.

Jagex are increasingly adding limited content to their game. While this isn't new, it is increasing. The term "timed content" is content that cannot be used repeatedly before you can move on.

The current trend isn't to add a degree to an existing skill, like the living rocks caverns did to mine (for instance), but to add an item with different levels of skill for varying levels of xp, such as fish Flingers. It can bring many advantages: It's impossible to grind it, which can reduce the impact of bots. You can earn more xp if you are capable of Buy OSRS Accounts timing your training. To maximize your xp gains, there is a sense of obligation to perform these tasks.