Elder Scrolls Online announced that this year's Witch Festival will be held from October 21st to November 2nd. During the event, there will be some interesting adventures and prizes, including new rewards. This made many fans welcome. Below I will introduce the content of the missions players participate in the Witch’s Day.

First, get the bargaining task of the witch from the Crown Store. Those players who have done this in previous years do not need to repeat it. The key to having fun is Witchmother's Whistle. Players will use it to get Cheap ESO Gold for two hours. This is another option to continue training before Deadlands is released. If the player uses the witch's Cauldron, then it will turn their character into an undead creature.

When the player defeats the boss, there are additional looted skeleton containers mixed with some ESO Gold. And when players defeat each boss for the first time, they will get a Dremora Plunder Skull container. During the limited time event, players can obtain items such as Witch’s Day recipes, furniture and furniture recipes, alchemy reagents, etc. from all these containers. The new item for this year’s festival is a pet named Bone Dust Paint, which is a bear dog that tame a witch. Players can combine 10 pieces obtained from the spoiler’s skull loot to make it.

From the Dremora Plunder Skull container, players can obtain these items and have the opportunity to obtain the Witch’s Season, which they can use to unlock achievements on the Witch Hat and Witch Title, Costume and Weapon Style pages, as well as two new rune boxes this year . There is a new daily task called ravens. To complete this task, 50 cursed feathers are required. Players can obtain them from the looting skeleton container. If the player completes this task, they will transform and be able to challenge a new world boss.