Every new FIFA game will attract the attention of many players, and FIFA 22 is no exception. FIFA Ultimate Team is basically a large trading card game. Each player will get a basic card, and will release promotional cards based on performance and non-performance throughout the season. Players can build their own team by connecting players selected by FUT 22 Coins players through clubs, leagues or countries/regions.

Regardless of the player’s preference in the game, there are many options for making some of the players’ favorite players Juventus fans. For starters, since the player can't actually use Juventus, the player will become a fan of Piemonte Calcio when playing FIFA. However, the players are still there and having fun. Therefore, players can check the following guide to learn how to enjoy Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 22.

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It is expected that there will be five Juventus players on the roster with a basic score of at least 85. The first is Rajoya himself, because Paulo Dybala's overall score is 87. He is the perfect master of any FUT team, even before any improvement in chemistry style, he had 90 dribbles, 86 passes and 86 shots. Others at this level are on the defensive end and can build a very solid back line without any other clubs.

The FIFA Coins game hasn't ended for a long time, but it is still clear who the most popular Juventus player this year is. This helps them play on the same side of the court and can provide a perfect connection between each other to help the team build a chemical reaction. Federico Chiesa is the fastest player on the team, with 91 dribbles and 81 shots. Chiesa has four-star technology and four-star weak feet, which makes him an excellent attacker.

Cuadrado's popularity follows closely behind, and is actually more expensive than the current Chiesa. He is the only five-star technician on the team who can advance at 90 degrees. Players may see people use him because of his speed, play defensive chemistry style and keep him in the bottom four. Nevertheless, he is very good everywhere, if people want to be creative, players will see him as a full-back, sometimes even a winger. By the way, any player can buy the cheapest FUT 22 Coins on the market on UTnice, and the discounts they provide will definitely satisfy you!