Upon being asked about jumping on the New World hype train, Jaryd'summit1g' Lazar shared his honest thoughts on the game and why he isn't quite ready to jump on board just yet. Summit, on the other hand, is an exception.

Despite the fact that many well-known creators, including his good friend shroud, have endorsed the new game, the streamer himself is still on the fence.

His reservations about the new game were made clear during a live stream on his Twitch channel on September 30th.

"When it comes to New World, I'm going to step back and allow others to do the exploring."It's not in my interest to spend the entire day grinding. Not streaming New World, according to Summit1g.
Former CS:GO player continued by saying that games like New World, which are all about grinding and eventually reaching some sort of stat cap, cheap new world coins aren't nearly as satisfying as titles that offer more competitive gameplay.

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a no bulls*** review of NEW WORLDa no bulls*** review of NEW WORLDaoeah.com

As he put it, "I'd rather have nice, cheeky 1v1s than 6v6s and other such nonsense."This is the problem with MMOs – there is an upper limit that everyone must reach. Essentially, this means that everyone else below them catches up.

For the streamer, this isn't the first time that he's questioned whether or not the game is the right fit. It was back in August that he expressed his displeasure with the game's combat mechanics, buy new world coins and it was clear that he was still unimpressed.

"I don't think it looks particularly spectacular, to be completely honest."According to him, "I think there are elements of it that I like and elements that I dislike, and I think it's too basic."A player at level 20 and one at level 60 is virtually indistinguishable to me, says the author.

While New World has undoubtedly won over a large number of fans, it appears unlikely that they will be able to add summit to their list of accomplishments any time in the foreseeable future.