Obviously, we would like nothing more than OSRS Gold the best for Jagex and the long-term health of RuneScape, but the Sal's community has asked itself: can we be supportive of this latest decision by Jagex to introduce micro-transactions which they themselves a few years ago would have considered illegal? The answer is "No". It's not, even though it might cost a lot of money to purchase enough spins for skill advancement to level 99. There is still the possibility of an event sponsored by Jagex RWT event.

Sal's Realm of RuneScape was born out of the passion for one game. It has evolved into a diverse group of players from all walks of the life. We are proud to hold a Platinum fansite rating. This demonstrates our commitment to this game, to Jagex's strict standards, and to the community of players. We feel so passionate about this game that Jagex ought to reconsider their choice. They must remember that this game's spirit is the reason people are drawn to it.

Jagex is pushing Jagex's Squeal Wheel so aggressively and prominently showing the possibility of buying additional spins using real money is disappointing. It's almost a sigh of horror to see Jagex taking such drastic steps from the original policies of the company.

Jagex's disregard for player safety in allowing players to Cheap RuneScape Gold buy spins with stored credit cards information puts players who aren't aware of the risks of financial hardship if their account password gets stolen. Jagex's apparent intent to exploit their customers, particularly youngsters, through what is essentially gambling is deeply troubling for those who recollect a RuneScape where they were more player-centric.