NBA 2K22 has been launched for more than a week. This is a big step forward for the next generation of game consoles, which makes many people wonder whether this game has already landed on Xbox Game Pass. With the service before NBA 2K21, many players want to know if they can get their own NBA 2K22 fixes through their existing Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Unfortunately, NBA 2K22 is not currently on Xbox Game Pass. NBA 2K21 spent several months on Xbox Game Pass, but didn’t arrive until March 4, 2021. This means that it took NBA 2K21 a full six months to Buy NBA 2K22 MT launch a subscription-based game service, so we are likely to see at least wait a long time to get NBA 2K22 in the same way.

If players are eager to play some basketball games without purchasing the full game, the only Xbox Game Pass option for players is actually NBA Live 19. The product provided by EA marks the end of the series. It has been dormant since the release of NBA Live 19, but if the player has an Xbox Game Pass, the player can download and try it immediately.

Considering the time when NBA 2K21 will arrive in service, the most likely date to see NBA 2K22 on Xbox Game Pass is March 10, 2022. It was a Thursday, the same day NBA 2K21 was released on Xbox Game Pass, which perfectly matched the "six months after release" window. Although NBA 2K21 was added in March, it brought a subtle problem because the NBA 2K22 MT version that arrived was the current version.

This means that next-generation players on Xbox Series X|S can download it, but they can still only play the previous-generation game version and cannot access The City or other next-generation upgrades. Hopefully, the addition of NBA 2K22 to Xbox Game Pass will include the next and current versions of the game so that Xbox Series X|S players can get a complete experience. By the way, UTnice is selling NBA 2K22 MT at the lowest price in the market, welcome to visit!