As one of the most popular large-scale video action games, Path of Exile has a group of loyal fans. Unlike most MMOs, professions do not dictate which skills players can use. Path of Exile lists its skill system in detail so that any profession can use POE Currency.

The core attributes in Path of Exile are strength, agility, and intelligence. Each attribute has its unique role. Strength can increase the player's life and increase melee physical damage. Agility can grant players accuracy levels and increase evasion levels. Intelligence can Buy POE Currency and increase the maximum energy shield. In short, players want to operate smoothly in Path of Exile, understanding these is the most basic.

Every class in Path of Exile is available from the beginning, except Scion. Each profession has an advanced profession, which can be unlocked throughout the course of the battle. These advanced professions provide a unique passive tree, each of which grants build-enabled features. Every profession except Scion has three advanced professions that they can choose, and Scion has only one profession option.

Path of Exile’s skills are provided by the player’s equipment rather than their chosen profession. Almost all skills are provided by skill gems, which are small items that can be embedded in weapons, armor, and certain jewelry. As long as the attributes and level requirements of skill gems are met, they can be equipped. The above is just a part of the Path of Exile player guide, and there are many basic content introductions, I will elaborate on the next article.