Earlier this month, Neowiz and Round8 Studio announced through a short video that Bless Unleashed will bring an update on September 15. This update provides a new exploration for PC players, as well as new content for the mouse and keyboard crowd, and a number of improvements. Currently, this update has taken effect, and PC players can now look forward to finding their updated Bless Unleashed adventure.

The new Bless Unleashed PC update brings a 42-level Twisting Nether Spider Queen battlefield boss. Players can find this challenging enemy in the Spider Cave north of Tristezza, but be prepared for fierce battle. If the Bless Unleashed Seeds player reaches level 35 or above, they can also visit a new three-part time dungeon called The Nightspire – Caverns of Wrath. Those who dare to enter the dangerous territory will face the Valley of Lord Yan.

The online store and Lumena store will include several new products for players to purchase. Large PC updates also come with various bug fixes and balance configurations, from combinations that will not activate to fair PvP damage estimates. For a complete list of UI improvements, bugs, and balance updates, be sure to head to Bless Unleashed's Steam page for a complete summary of its first major PC update.

For players who want to get the founder's gift package, they will be available for a limited time. Players can purchase them from the game's Steam page. There are three versions, the deluxe version is priced at $19.99, the premium version is priced at $39.99, and the ultimate version is priced at $79.99. In addition, players can also purchase the Frontier Pack for $29.99.

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