World of Warcraft is the undisputed MMORPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment, and WoW Classic is the best version of it. WoW classic gold enables players to relive the original experience and get the most enjoyment out of the game. Earning gold on WoW TBC is very essential. Everyone wants to fly to the maximum level and it is not cheap. In this guide, you will learn what are the best ways to earn money with TBC. You will learn about the most profitable professions for earning large amounts of gold.


Professions are key if you want to farm WoW TBC Classic gold at a consistent rate. There are plenty of materials from Classic that have become valuable in the TBC pre patch due to the new level boost service implemented by Blizzard. This service only boosts your level but you still have to train professions from scratch. In addition, there are also lots of people playing Draenei or Blood Elf who are scrambling to max out their characters and professions before the expansion launches. In short, there is plenty of demand for mats at the moment.


This point is going to come with one obvious caveat: we’re well aware that on TBC’s release, Jewelcrafting is probably not going to be very profitable. Given that it’s the new and shiny toy for classic players, it’s likely every guild is going to have an insane amount of crafters at their disposal.

This money making method is going to be very binary. If you can become one of the de facto JCers on your server by grinding your skill like a madman, everyone is going to come to you for jewelcrafting and you’ll make a killing.

If you can’t do that, you’ll likely have to time the market and turn raw gems into finished gems to find any profit in the skill. Like we said, it’s very binary: Either one of the most profitable skills in the game, or one of the least.


If herbalism was going to be lucrative, did you really think alchemy wasn’t? Take those herbies you find on the market or in the world and turn them into pots and flasks. Simple enough, right?

The reason we put this higher than Herbalism is simply because of the bot issue. You might not be able to control the rate at which you find herbs in the world, but you can definitely control the rate at which you buy them off other players or the auction house. And people need pots and flasks, and therefore people need you!

Do the dailies.

The Burning Crusade introduces daily dungeon quests. Besides raising your reputation with the desired faction for epic rewards, you will also earn a lot of gold.

Burning Crusade dailies

Introduced in Burning Crusade, dailies are different types of quests that correlate to a different game mechanic (such as professions, dungeons, PvP) that you can take up and complete.

These are indicated in-world with a blue exclamation mark above their head. These can be incredibly resourceful to help you to gain a little bit more extra gold.

Work on craft things to get money

Many created goods may be sold on the auction house for a profit, including allowing you to manufacture consumables or stuff for yourself. Before you can really start earning money from creating, you have to spend a substantial amount of time leveling your profession.

In order to level up the Jewelcrafting profession, you will have to spend quite a bit of money. Tailoring may be advantageous since the fabric is very inexpensive and widely available. If you are crafty, you may create your own bags, or you can try your hand at selling them. There are other recipes that require TBC-specific components, like Spellcloth, and they are widely purchased.

On the whole, crafting professions are all useful, but it is always good to check the marketplace to see what items sell best on your server.

These methods are going to be more or less profitable depending on what class you’re playing, how good you are, if you want to farm TBC Classic Gold, you can try these S-tier and A-tier professions we mentioned. Maybe, you are tired of farming money in World of Warcraft Classic TBC, is here to provide the easiest and quickest way to get gold, by Buy WOW Classic Gold with real world money! cheapest price and instant delivery!