What is the Thread Lift Face Lift


Are you a woman in your forties or fifties who is unhappy with the effects that aging has had on your face?  Are you looking for a way to achieve a naturally youthful look?  If so, you've probably given quite a bit of thought to the idea of getting a face lift.  But at the same time, you probably have some of the same concerns that many of the women in your position have as well.

For example, you might be daunted at the idea of going through major surgery and the extensive recovery that you would expect from that.  Not everyone can take off months of work to recuperate, and many people have a low threshold of pain.  Also, the idea of dropping out of your social circle for a long recovery period can be a major concern.

Another common concern is that of expense.  A typical cosmetic face lift procedure will cost anywhere from ten to fifteen thousand dollars or more.  Twenty-five thousand dollars is not considered extreme.  And many people simply do not have that kind of money at hand for elective cosmetic surgery.

The thread lift face lift provides a wonderful option for women who have these concerns but at the same time want to look more youthful.  In this hour long procedure, special barbed threads are inserted under the surface of the skin, lifting and tightening the face to provide a more youthful and balanced look.  The special threads used also stimulate collagen production, so you will continue to look more youthful in the weeks to come.

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