Manchester City was the double champion of last season. The performance of their players can be said to be very good. Today we will analyze how their team's forwards are rated in FIFA 22.

Phil Foden-84 (was 79)

In the Premier League last FIFA 22 Coins season, Phil Foden and England's stars Jack Grealish performed similarly, and the number of starting assists and goals scored by the two in the game was not much different.

So I think in FIFA 22, both of them start with the same score of 84, but after FIFA 23, the score may rise to 86+.

Ferran Torres-83 (was 81)

After 21-year-old Ferran Torres made a huge breakthrough in England's season FUT Coins game, coupled with his outstanding performance in the European Championship, the upgrade of the winger will be inevitable.

Even so, the score of 83 is more suitable for him, rather than the same value as either of Phil Foden and Jack Grealish.

Gabriel Jesus-82 (was 83)

Every year, Jesus' rating is roughly between 81 and 83. Due to his poor performance in the 2021/21 season and even more unsatisfactory performance in Copa America, he may be slightly relegated this season.

But what we can believe is that his work efficiency and comprehensive attributes will still make him an excellent budget forward.

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