Importance New Features in the iOS 15 Update

The latest version of the iOS operating system called iOS 15 was release in June 2021 by Apple. The OS will be rolled out to all iOS users in the fall. The new iOS 15 come with numerous new features for improved FaceTime calls, added privacy features, new notification experience, various tools to help reduce distractions, as well as complete new look for Weather, Safari and Maps.

Let us take a lot are the most important features introduced in iOS 15.

  • FaceTime get Improved

Being in a global pandemic, video calling has gained much more importance recently. To make FaceTime video calls more comfortable and life-like, the iOS 15 update brings with it numerous improvements. The app will get spatial audio support, which will make you feel like you are talking face to face. Voice isolation will prioritize your voice and reduce the surrounding white noise. A new grid view and portrait mode are being introduced in case you wish to blur the background behind you.


  • SharePlayis Introduced

iOS 15 is introducing SharePlay which will help users to listen to songs, watch movies or TV shows in sync with your loved ones. It will work across iPad, iPhone as well as Mac and offer shared playback controls as well. Many popular media apps have already announced SharePlay support including ESPN+, HBO Max, Disney+, MasterClass, Hulu, Pluto TV, Paramount+, Twitch and TikTok.


  • Notifications Gets a New Look

iOS 15 will offer larger and better impacting icons to make it a lot easier to see which app is giving you notifications. It also introduces Notification Summary which allows you to bundle-up notifications from the apps you don’t care much about and let them get delivered at a specific time. This feature will help eliminate the fluff and receive important notifications so you don’t get distracted.


  • Photos gets features similar to Google Lens

Taking pages from the Google Lens’ books, Apple’s photos apps gets OCR (Optical Character Recognition) using which you can isolate text from screenshots, photos and other images with the new Live Text feature.


  • Health Gets New Useful Additions

The Health app is getting a lot of love in iOS 15 with many new features like Walking Steadiness which accesses your stability, balance and coordination through iWatch/iPhone sensors. Besides this, there are many changes in fitness and health metrics as well as introduction of Better Labs which helps track bloodwork lab data and share it with your loved ones or your doctor.


  • Maps getting better

Apple Maps is getting an augmented reality feature to help you navigate your surroundings. Many important building and landmarks will look amazing in 3D, and you can even see the proper round Earth if you zoom out completely.


  • New Design for Safari

In iOS 15, Safari gets a wonderful visual update by unlocking the menu/address bar to maximize screen space. Users can swipe left/right to switch between tabs and everything can be synced with your iPad or Mac.


  • Reminders and Notes get an Upgrade

The note apps will allow tags for easy search along with activity log and user mention to help keep tabs on who is editing the notes. This change makes collaborating a lot easier. Reminders have scored a new feature called Smart Lists, which gathers reminds by tags and due dates automatically.


  • New Design for Weather

The Weather app is also getting a functional design that will improve the visuals as well as functionalities such as graphical display of important weather data. Full-screen radar maps will also be introduced that display precipitation and temperature on interactive maps. Visit this website =