According to the western tradition, a child should be taken care of by both the parents. However, in families where both the parents are working or the child lives with a single parent, the childcare role can be taken up by an extended family. In the absence of one or both the parents, nannies can volunteer which are provided by child care agencies. Families can usually opt from in-home care, family child care or child care centers to help the parents look after their child. Dropping off your children in Early Learning centre or opting for in-home care often means that your child is delegated to nannies. Parents opting for in-home care for their children need not worry about the safety of their child if proper background checks have been carried out.

Choosing a Proper Childcare Centre

The most important thing to look for in a this care centers is proper and recognized licensing and the number of children the center is authorized to monitor. Fire safety plans should be evaluated and the evacuation exits should be checked. Cleaning products like chemicals should be stored away from the playing area of the children. Any sharp objects should be reported to the school authorities.

Proper and authorized medical supplies should be available in this care center's first aid kit. Refrigeration should be available for certain medicines. These medicines should be stored in a box, out of reach of the children.

Safety gates should be high and secure so that the children do not run the risk of straying on to the roads. Security guards should be monitoring the entrances for the safety of the children within the school.

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