For those players who have played World of Warcraft for a long time, Asmongold, as a streamer and content creator, has released a frank, original and unfiltered idea of the current state of the game. On Twitter, their posts are limited in length. Asmongold decided to add a link to the TwitLonger post. They have more freedom to express every criticism of the World of Warcraft blocking system. Shadowlands is a disappointing extension.

The real reason that prompted Asmon Gold to express this experience was pure enthusiasm. Negative emotions are not the reason for criticism of him, but because of their love of the game. We don’t know what it is that can further stimulate the expansion.

A suitable analogy for Asmongold is that Blizzard can reinvent the wheel every time it expands. Players are always looking for a better steering wheel. Blizzard has carefully referenced everything related to hoverboards. They also need to understand how to fly, what kind of fuel to use, and whether they should wear seat belts and so on.

Asmongold mentioned that the most frustrating things when he was playing Shadowlands were Soul Ash and Conduit Energy. He thinks this is caused by the system. The reason is that Blizzard wants to use future patches to make them better. Players hope that they can try to use them after they are improved. This WOW Classic Gold For Sale is a matter of time.

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