Chains of Domination as the next patch of World of Warcraft is a new raid full of exciting knowledge and dangers. All the new information from the testing field was ignored by many players. According to the latest Patch 9.1 data mining, players may eventually have their own glasses.

This game has been a strange omission for more than 15 years. For many years, players have wanted to wear glasses in the game. In the game, the druid adventurer Elise Starseeker, some Gilnean grandmothers and troll historians and other NPCs will wear some elegant glasses. Players can only use gorgeous goggles in the game.

A set of makeup glasses composed of simple round or half-moon frames was collected by Wowhead. As a long-running website, Wowhead has been publishing data mining content from test servers, where players can learn about upcoming changes. Some content has changed between data mining and publishing. The main story rhythm or character model will always remain similar between discovering the data and releasing the game in the game.

Visually, the Classic WOW Gold glasses in question are not exciting. Compared with the high level of raid equipment, the fans are still incredibly excited. A feature that many people have wanted for many years. Blizzard introduced many new customization options including scars, tattoos, eyebrows, faces and hairstyles at the beginning of "Shadowlands" and the end of "Battle for Azeroth".

The company declined to comment after Polygon took the initiative to comment to Blizzard. If players don't know how to obtain or find these glasses, they can use the Cheap WOW Classic Gold scripts in the testing area to test them on their own. There will be more details after the release of the dominance chain. The Classic WOW Gold players need in the game can be purchased on MMOWTS.