Different types of perfumes for men

Perfumes are something that is a must when you go out for a special evening, wedding, party or any such event. Perfumes are a way to attract attention. Studies show that men are more inclined to cologne than women. This is why you will find a wide variety of perfumes for men on the market.

Perfumes for men come in different variants like citrus, oriental, spicy etc and Perfume for Women Price in Bangladesh all these flavors have their own attributes with unique benefits. Below are the different categories of perfumes for men:-

  1. Citrus fruit perfumes

Citrus is a very popular cologne category among men. It has lots of fresh citrus notes. In the category of citrus perfumes, you will find a wide collection of perfumes such as floral citruses, spicy citruses, aromatic citruses, etc.

  1. Woody perfumes:

Woody perfumes for men are another type of perfume that conquers sandalwood, cedar wood, etc. One very famous cologne that falls under this category is Polo Black by Ralph Lauren.

  1. Fougere Style Perfumes:

This category of perfumes is made from lavender, coumarin and oakmoss. A very famous perfume that falls into this category is Eternity for Men by Armani