120x240cm aluminum plate has the advantages of good environmental protection, high elongation, good formability, good oxidation effect and excellent corrosion resistance. After processing, it is not deformed, and it can be widely used in a wider range, so the market demand is great and the market benefits. 4x8 aluminum sheet aluminum grades are 1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 5052, 5083, 5086, 6061 and 7075.
The aluminum plate production technology is mature, the performance is excellent, and the cost performance is high. Whether it is thin plate, thick plate, ultra-thick plate, it has a wide range of applications. We can not only provide conventional aluminum sheets with 1200*2400 and 1220*2440 specifications, but also can precisely customize the production according to the specifications required by users. The 4x8 aluminum plate has a thickness range of 0.2-150mm, a width range of 1000-2500mm, and a length range of 2000-10000mm, including a variety of tempering to meet the diverse needs of users. The price of aluminum sheet varies according to condition, thickness and width.
Huawei Aluminum is a manufacturer of direct selling aluminum sheet 120x240cm products. Each product undergoes strict quality inspection before leaving the factory. Users can buy with confidence, and the product specifications are complete. Tailored services can be provided according to the actual production needs of users. Huawei Aluminum purchases 4x8 aluminum sheets at a very affordable price. Huawei Aluminum is a large-scale direct-selling aluminum sheet manufacturer and a powerful listed company. Not only the product quality is guaranteed, but the price is also lower than other manufacturers in the same industry.