Diablo2 Resurrected ladder season 1 has started. Which build should be used for ladder start is a top D2R Runes topic. So in this guide, IGVAULT will share several top starters builds.

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Patch & Ladder Season 1 Release Date

After the release of Diablo II Resurrected, there were massive problems with the servers for a long time, so they were often offline. Because of this, Blizzard has delayed the launch of the ladder. This will only start after the release of Patch 2.4. The good news is that this patch and the leaderboard have been tested on the Diablo II Resurrected public test realms for the past few weeks and are ready for the live realms.

On March 29, the final build is to be uploaded again to the PTR, the developers are planning a maintenance phase of six hours. If everything then goes smoothly, nothing stands in the way of the release of patch 2.4. After that, the developers will spend two weeks fixing the bugs of the major update and the first Ladder season is scheduled to start in two weeks after D2R 2.4 launch. The current plan is following:

On April 14th, D2R 2.4 Patch will be released with many changes to abilities, new recipes for the Horadric cube and runewords

On April 28, D2R Ladder Season finally starts with new ranking system

So all players have two weeks to familiarize themselves with all the balancing changes and new content.

D2R 2.4 Ladder Best Amazon Start Builds

Lightning Spear Amazon, Lightning Javelin Amazon, Physical Amazon, Ice Arrow Amazon, Fire Arrow Amazon

Amazon's special weapons include spears, javelins, and crossbows. This time 2.4 patch also brings comprehensively strengthened for Amazon, and the skills of each occupation have been improved. Lightning spear build and Lightning Javelin Amazon are both feasible for running 85 level areas.

Fire Druid

This fire starter excels in areas with no fire immune. So if you are looking for a class that can farm level 85 zone, such as the Stoney tombs,Icy Cellar, this build is for you. It also works well in the MooMoo farm. And you can also use it to clear the Chaos Sanctuary with mid to late-game gear setups. To Max out Fissure, Volcano, Armageddon, and Molten Boulder, you can put one point into Summon Grizzly, and all are remaining into Firestorm. The budget items you'll want to acquire would be a Spirit Sword, a Shield, and a Lore helm.

Double Throw Barbarian

For the Barbarian, we choose double throw, it's very powerful in the new patch, but we would recommend it for experienced players because it's not as easy as the other builds in this post.


1 Point in Every Passive of the Barbarian

20 Points on Battle Orders

20 Points on Throw Mastery

20 Points on Double Throe with synergy and wine point - in order to have this boost of speed which will be very helpful to fast clear your enemies for the skills


The equipment is the tricky part of this character and this is why we do not recommend it for new players, you will need to have a lot of physical damage, so be sure to look for good weapons in order to make this build work.

FoH Paladin

FoH Paladin was also known as the only character you'll really ever need, now that fist of heavens does damage to demons in addition to undead, you may be seeing one or ten thousand of these running around this upcoming ladder. We wouldn't recommend leveling with FoH, but after you're around level 75+, respecting this skill and farming players one Chaos Sanctuary with minimal gear is pretty impressive. Once you grind up enough gear, you could also respect into a hybrid FoH spider, this will be gear dependent for killing ubers but it's possible to have an uber chaos farming machine.

We should have the best buildings ready before patch 2.4 is officially convenient because it means we can have an advantage in the next game. Of course, during this period we also need to Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Items , which can make our buildings more powerful. Here, I recommend you visit https://www.igvault.com/Diablo-2-Resurrected-Items