The intercom can also have additional functions: voice recorder, music playback or baby monitor

The video intercom is an extended version of the intercom, additionally equipped with a camera and a display. The device is a guarantee of security, in addition to conducting a conversation, it allows you to see on the screen the person who wants to enter our house.

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a single-family house or an apartment in an apartment building without an intercom.

Video intercoms are designed for those who want even more security . These are modern devices such as  axis intercom, limiting access to property, and at the same time providing great comfort in the home.

How does a video intercom work?

Video phone system consists of two main elements: an LCD control display, usually installed in the hall, and a wide-angle camera built into the external panel (intercom), which transmits the signal to the monitor. This set allows two way voice communication and one way video communication. A quality picture is accompanied by sound, allowing you to communicate with the monitored guests. This allows you to check who is waiting in front of our door or gate from the comfort of your own home and assess any threat. The monitor can be connected to the door unit using a traditional cable or wirelessly (in case wires cannot be distributed).

IP-based digital video intercoms can work with computers, tablets or smartphones, allowing remote monitoring of those who want to enter our home via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

They can also be equipped with features to record calls, control gates, record movies or save photos of people visiting the house while we are away. Once the environmental monitoring function is activated, the camera automatically records images, saving them at intervals on an SD card along with the date and time.