When encountering Duriel in the small room, there are many ways to help you survive.

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First of all, like his sister Andariel, you should keep your distance from him as much as possible, it's going to be very difficult when you're face to face with him. You can use a mercenary to take the damage for you, or you can both run around to keep your distance. His bash is his strongest solo attack, so as long as you stay within his range at all times, he won't apply it. Relatively speaking, Assassins are better at dealing with him, as they have very fast speed and thus can directly avoid his direct attack without going too far to activate his charge attack.

Rejuvenation potions are very important when it comes to consumables. You can use it or give it to your mercenaries to make you live longer. They're the easiest way to help you survive Duriel's oppressive attacks. Using the towel portal scroll is another neat use for consumables. You can use it at the start of a fight, and if you run out of D2R Ladder Items potions in the middle of a fight, or if your mercenary dies, you can go back to town for a minute to heal, restock, revive, and then go back.

Finally, you'll need to use more Cold Gear and Thaw Potion to deal with his cold damage. While these things are not immune to his Holy Freeze, you will still be slowed, but they can reduce the damage you take. Because Duriel is a heavy hitter, you can use these tools to change the game.

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