In Lost Ark, rapport is one of the most underrated features, and while it only takes a while to get past the loot, many players still ignore this feature.

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As players progress through the game, they have little to go on in Lost Ark. But many players still ignore two of them: cards and rapports. Both of these features can bring a lot of benefits to the character, especially in the late Gold Lost Ark game. Although this process is very tedious and requires a lot of information, it is very easy when you just get the hang of it.

Although rapport is not an important feature in the game, it is good for the player. It's all about cards, and when you reach a certain rapport, you'll be able to unlock some of the best cards. If you focus on the right character, you can also get a lot of gold from it.

But if you just need silver or aren't interested in the rewards, you can only get extra stories through characters like Sasha or Eyalin, the others won't give you much more.

Lost Ark is a rich game and rapport can offer you another kind of adventure. You can get more solid rewards and some extra story content later in the game. Also, farming Lost Ark Gold is one of every player's main goals when you reach the late game. These Lost Ark Golds help players in those more difficult areas and challenges. In order to get them faster, many players will choose to buy them in MMOWTS. is a professional third-party service provider selling Lost Ark Gold, where players can get the cheapest Lost Ark Gold and save a lot of time, you are worth a try.