Many World of Warcraft players have been looking forward to the game coming to the console, but unfortunately it will not come soon. Earlier today the iconic MMO announced its lol expansion, Dragonflight, and soon game director Ion Hazzikostas explained to IGN why World of Warcraft won't be coming to consoles.

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When Hazzikostas discussed the question of whether any potential controller version would be responsive to fans, he explained that he sees World of Warcraft as a game designed specifically for the PC. Are you still worrying about accumulating TBC Classic Gold? MMOWTS helps you solve this problem.

During the Dragonflight announcement, in order to be able to controller gamers to engage, the game's UI was being overhauled so that they fit nicely with the improved controllers. Also, Hazzikostas explained why they implemented a UI overhaul, but it doesn't include any work on the console.

While add-ons will continue to be the most common practice among World of Warcraft players, being able to customize the UI will become very popular, and it appears to be the first major TBC Classic Gold UI change since the launch of the MMO game. At present, Dragonflight has not announced a release date, but the Alpha registration of the new WOW expansion pack will be launched on the game's official website soon.

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